DGM 2210 Game & Animation Essentials

Final Team Project - Re-creation of a classic English Cartoon

Wallace & Grommet, DGM2210 Team Version

My first experience with any animation, I contributed the creation and texturing of the background moonscape and stelagmites, a basket with collected moon 'cheese', matchbox and matchsticks, a gas can and a better version of wallpaper in the rocketship. Unfortunately, the compiling team had their deadline, being unable to schedule in all the team members' final asset versions to the rendered project. Many of my latest versions are therefore not included herein, but I did gain valuable experience in the dynamics of working in a team setting.

Solo Project Using Maya by AutoDesk

In the course of doing this work, I've gained the highest respect to animators and students in animation. Here is a short I created, dedicated to all Red Sox fans out there with a little audio to go along. If the player seems familiar to you, it's probably because I used Mick Jagger's face.

P u p p y C a p t c h a Captured!

red green blue black and white puppy
Web Languages I - DGM2760

JavaScript & JQuery get colorful!

Principles of Design in Illustrator.

creative texting against underwater image
Principles of Digital Design - DGM2250

Original design starts here!


illustrator underwater brushstrokes
Principles of Web Languages - DGM2740

Theme and Templates handcoded!

Unity & C# - Codes a basic Calculator!

evolving sketches of turtle calculator
Authoring For The Internet - DGM2780

Introduction & Screenshot Action!