DGM 2250 Principles of Digital Design

Final Projects

Design Principles

Using Adobe Illustrator, design is examined in DGM2250. I will be adding more original designs to this page, so check back soon! If you're interested in new design work, contact me!

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P u p p y C a p t c h a Captured!

red green blue black and white puppy
Web Languages I - DGM2760

JavaScript & JQuery get colorful!

Principles of Design in Illustrator.

creative texting against underwater image
Principles of Digital Design - DGM2250

Original design starts here!


illustrator underwater brushstrokes
Principles of Web Languages - DGM2740

Theme and Templates handcoded!

Unity & C# - Codes a basic Calculator!

evolving sketches of turtle calculator
Authoring For The Internet - DGM2780

Introduction & Screenshot Action!