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Connecting in Digital Media – A Treasure of Resources for Potential Students!

Many potential students have asked me how to go about attending UVU and financial referrals. I've developed this page to provide all the information any new, or potentially new student (especially female students), might need to attend, and SUCCEED! From campus connections to professional associations, it's vital to stay plugged in and active as an internet technologies major. If you are interested in what connections I've greatly benefited from, explore my growing network.

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P u p p y C a p t c h a Captured!

red green blue black and white puppy
Web Languages I - DGM2760

JavaScript & JQuery get colorful!

Principles of Design in Illustrator.

creative texting against underwater image
Principles of Digital Design - DGM2250

Original design starts here!


illustrator underwater brushstrokes
Principles of Web Languages - DGM2740

Theme and Templates handcoded!

Unity & C# - Codes a basic Calculator!

evolving sketches of turtle calculator
Authoring For The Internet - DGM2780

Introduction & Screenshot Action!