Professional References

Letters of Recommendation

Six letters of reference are contained in the above link by academic, departmental, and professorial advisors within the last two years.

Resume does not list all work completed in my lifetime. A representation of completed projects and work both in tandem, and autonomously, of some products delivered while in school are noted. Current part-time, on-call, volunteer, and Gratis versus libre work, as well as former employers, prior to degree, and after, will also be published on a on-going basis or as future projects are fulfilled.

Applicable confidential letters of reference and direct contact info shall be furnished as deemed necessary, in consideration of specific request for proposals, employment offers and in leui of portfolio growth. Please complete and submit the short form, on the 'Contact Page', to invoke reply. Thank you in advance for your time and considerations!

P u p p y C a p t c h a Captured!

red green blue black and white puppy
Web Languages I - DGM2760

JavaScript & JQuery get colorful!

Principles of Design in Illustrator.

creative texting against underwater image
Principles of Digital Design - DGM2250

Original design starts here!


illustrator underwater brushstrokes
Principles of Web Languages - DGM2740

Theme and Templates handcoded!

Unity & C# - Codes a basic Calculator!

evolving sketches of turtle calculator
Authoring For The Internet - DGM2780

Introduction & Screenshot Action!